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Username Alperian2014
Status active
Joined Feb 21, 2017
These are optional but help Choff decide whether to let you in! I was Alperian who uploaded a load of images (over250), but lost my original login details.
Dates in RFA 1976 to 1989
RFA Department 4th Engineer
Location (now) Witney (as far away from the sea as I can get)
Favourite Ship Pluimleaf or Stromness? Eany meany miney moe...
Biography/Remarks After SSMTC and a tour around Tidepool, there was Olna, Bacchus, Olmeda, Stromness, Fort Austin[sic] , Plumleaf, Sir Bedivere, Fort Grange, Caradoc, Olwen, Black Rover, Bayleaf and Gold Rover.
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11/23/23 at 13:35Everybody loved Pancho. If I walked into the leccy workshop on Bacchus he always told me he was working on his interstellar light drive.